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SheSpoken is a platform to raise voice to others, especially to women, girls or anyone who feels feminine which allows you to share a glimpse of your life or your thoughts.

I have had an entrepreneurial soul since my childhood. I was selling the tattoos that I collected from gums or my own toys to the kids in the neighbourhood. The purpose was more about feeling free to buy whatever I want rather than making money, and most importantly it was about to feel the achievement. However, I started to feel the inequality and the negativity of gender discrimination when I have grown up which I had no clue in my childhood. These impacts of gender inequality were either in our daily sexist language or settled in the norms of the culture. These injustice, discouragement and lack of opportunities were not only in my own life but in the life of women around me either I know or do not know.

How could I rise against this non-equal system as a person who is fond of freedom, achievement and justice? Answer?

By taking an action, of course! 

This platform is one of my actions to stand against it. I hope you will also share your achievements, failures, experiences, thoughts and feelings to inspire others or read the posts and take your own action.

Welcome to grow and empower with SheSpoken!

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