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Sıfır Atık'a Geçmeden Önce Keske Bilseydim Dediğim 5 Şey!

You are just about to enter the world of zero- waste and would like to learn more?

First of all welcome to an earth-friendly lifestyle and let us share small tips that you would like to know before going zero-waste.

Here is your summary:


1. Reduce first

2. Start from single-use plastic.

3. Reuse over composting.

4. Write your "why"

5. Don't push hard.



You probably already heard "reuse, recycle, reduce" many times. Definitely, these 3 words are essential as they are powerful. However, there is a kind of order that will ease your work and lessen your waste. Especially before recycling, you can start with reducing.

Reduce your consumption!

Even if you buy recyclable items, it does not mean that they will be recycled. According to the research from Science Advances, there are 8300 million metric tons (Mt) of virgin plastics that have been produced to date, and ONLY 9% of it had been recycled.

Recycling keeps its place as a hard one to reach but this does not mean that we are choiceless.

Start to think about the necessity of stuff you are buying in order to reduce your consumption. Check if you can skip it or have an alternative to use. For example, if you need fertilizer for your plants, use eggshells rather than throwing them away.


Yes, they had been so comfortable to use, especially since you do not need to think of it afterward. However, the unseen part of the iceberg, which is the reality, was always different.

The afterward of single-use plastics is now hunting us with the waste it has created.

It became your comfort zone but it is not that hard to find alternatives to it. The single used plastic is where the opportunity lies to reduce your waste. For instance, if you are still in need of disposable straws, check out alternatives like wheat and reed straws.


This is one of our favorite and we do not deny the value of composting. But composting should be the solution for the scraps that you cannot (re)use anymore. We also received many feedbacks from our followers that composting needs effort and maintenance, which is especially hard in apartments.

Our recommendation:

Think out of the box and check if there is a way to reuse these kitchen scraps. For example, if you cook a pumpkin use its skin and seeds. Here is a recipe to reuse them.

You can also collect in a reusable zipped bag to freeze your kitchen scraps. Once the bag is full, reuse all this collected waste to make your vegetable broth or vegetable stock. Later, add some of it to your food to have all the vitamins from different vegetables.


Why are you going for a zero-waste lifestyle? Reminding your reasons will help you to bring back your motivation whenever you are in need.

You might be willing to use fewer animal-based products, or simply saving money, maybe you are an eco-warrior that was imposed on you since your childhood and so on. Whatever your reason is there for you if things get hard during your transition period.

Here is our eco-friendly Halloween decoration and cocktail with TerraMavi wheat straws!


This is the most important one, maybe. The world is not changing in one day and your transition also needs time.

Bringing your own water bottle, coffee mug, or carrying your tote bag for shopping is already a move.

Start slowly, digest it and never push hard yourself!

Here is a smiling motivating buddy for you :)

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