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Krabi Travel Guide 10 Can't-Miss Things in Krabi Thailand

Krabi is one of the most stunning scenery regions of Thailand with its crystal clear ocean, white-sand beaches, scenic limestone crags, and other delightful natural treasures like thick rainforest and waterfalls. Have a look to learn what to do and what you can't miss in Krabi with 4 days 3 nights long-weekend holiday.

Krabi Longtail Boat

Despite its mainstream tourism with large crowds, you can still have the local flavor of the region in its food, lifestyle, and nature. On average it welcomes 6 million visitors annually, mostly during peak season from November to March which is the dry season. The rest of the year passes with monsoon rain.

I have been in Krabi twice and if you can't make it on high season, I still recommend visiting during the wet season which has definitely less crowd. Do not worry, monsoon is mostly about short heavy shower during the day but the sun is still there as you can see at this photo from July(:

Below you will find a compiled attractions and 4-days itinerary with must-done things in Krabi. You can mix them up as you wish, just chill and let Krabi treat you what it can offer the best of its treasures.

1) Emerald Pool and Blue Lagoon:

Imagine the stunning natural turquoise blue colored pond with natural stream fresh water which you are allowed to swim in! At this spectacular mineral pool in the lush rainforest, there might not be fairies but get ready to feel like in a fairytale scene.

Located in the Khao Pra-Bang Kram area, Emerald Pool or “Sa Morakot” in Thai takes 1-hour drive from Krabi center which definitely deserves to spend that time on the road.

The color of Emerald Pool is changing from light green to turquoise throughout the day by the change in the sunlight direction.

It welcomes its visitors from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and recently opened after the COVID confinement period on the 1st of July.

In a couple of hundreds of meters walking distance on the upstream of the reserve, you will see "Blue Lagoon. Watch out! This one is not for swimming. You might not be even allowed to get closer to it which is surrounded by quicksand and releases some bubbles from the minerals on the bottom to the surface. The Natural Park where the Emerald Pool is located in is rich in bio-diversity. You can be mesmerized by rare plants and animal species which offers an unusual experience overall with its natural trek and the crystal pond.

Tips: Better to start here early morning to spend half of your day and afternoon move to the next relaxing stop: Wareerak Hot Spring Resort & Spa.

2) Wareerak Hot Spring Resort & Spa

Frame yourself in a fresh mineral water hot spring pool surrounded by tropical jungle amid nature. While sipping your coconut juice in the pool, revitalize your body and soul with head & shoulder massage.
Wareerak Hot spring Krabi

Wareerak Hot Spring is located just beside of Emerald Pool and national Hot Spring Waterfall. Yes, there is also public hot spring at the same place of Emerald Pool and both are supplied from the same natural streams coming from the hill. Wareerak Hot Spring is a private resort with a spa service that offers herbal bath, massages, and even traditional Thai medicine treatment. We had a half-day package to spend our afternoon which takes 3-4 hours in total. Currently, there is a deep discount due to the rebound period after COVID.

Wareerak Hot Spring Spa Krabi Thailand

The treatment starts with Thai yoga followed by a body scrub with natural herbs. Then, we headed to experience the hot spring bathing amid nature in a gorgeous lush tropical landscape. That natural mineral water is used as a cure for many diseases from diabetes to osteoarthritis. After having a 15 min revitalizing head & shoulder massage that releases the pain and stress, we added an extra 1-hour Thai massage session that was given amid nature. An inimitable experience to have my massage while listening to chirping birds and songs of nature. As a massage lover living in Thailand in the last couple of years, I have had many chances to visit different massage saloons but their Thai massage so far the best! Overall, it was THE BEST hot spring and spa I have ever been to! What's more? This was not the end of the day, we were offered to have a tour at their large garden that was dedicated to fruit orchards, and botanical garden which is followed by a small snack time with the freshly cut fruit plate.

3) Railay Beach - Rock Climbing Sunset

Get ready for no car, no traffic, like a private island experience! Even though Railay is located in mainland like Krabi center, the only way to reach there is taking the boat due to the detachment of its road by soaring cliffs. Sounds quite exclusive and exciting, right?

Railay is famed with its incredible limestone cliffs that lie upon emerald color ocean water. From east to west, each part of Railay is a postcard-worthy scenery. Therefore, it attracts large crowds and still, Railay is our favorite beach in Thailand. Recommending to stay in this incredible Thai beach paradise at least 1 night 2 days or spend the full holiday like we did because the number of activities you can find in Railay is inversely proportional to its small size which can a topic of another long blog post as "what to do in Railay".

Krabi Railay Beach Thailand

Its famous limestone karsts that rise out of emerald green water make it a perfect playground for climbers. First-ever or novice climber? No worries, those limestones cliffs with millions of holes give a great opportunity for any level experienced climbers, Railay center is full with climbing operators that provides an unmatched adventurous experience. Spend your half-day sweating on the rock climbing, and move ahead to cool off in the ocean.

4) Railay Sunset

Railay also gives the best recipe for sunset view by serving on the menu the pinkish sky, wavy white-sand beach with low tide, and crystal clear ocean. If you are ending your day on Railay West, this is the view you will be stunned while experiencing the magic colors of the sky.

Tips: Railay East will be less crowded and still favors magnificent sunset with limestone karsts on the background. Move towards Railay Resort View Hotel and stop by at Tew Lay Bar. While sipping your sunset cocktail, you can be thrilled with Railay isthmus view.

Tew Lay Bar Railay Krabi Thailand Bird Nest Swing
Tew Lay Bar Railay

5) Kayaking to Phra Nang Beach - Princess Cave

Phra Nang Beach is one of there main beaches. While you are at Railay beach, rent one the kayaks that lined-up on the beach for a couple of hours to glide towards this beach as another unmissable highlight of Railay. The rental fee is 300 THB for 2 hours in the low season and goes up to 500 THB during high season. Phra Nang Beach is also reachable by foot or boat but better to paddle with the kayak that you can also glide through cave passageways on the road. Once you leave Railay Beach, move along the rocky coastline and take the first left passageway on the outcroppings. Paddling through this cave that will make you feel like a pirate on treasure search. Well, at least this was how we felt like (: Follow the shore that will ultimately carry you to Phra Nang Beach.

Tips: Check the tide before you leave if you do not wanna miss that adventurous experience that might be hard to pass with high tide.

Phra Nang Beach will welcome you with Princess cave at the southern corner. Beside of the Phra Nang Beach's unprecedented beauty, the Princess Cave makes it unique with dozens of phallic symbols in it. The phalluses are carved on wooden and given to the princess of the ocean by fishermen to bring fertility and prosperity.

This is what is given in a frame as info at the entrance of the cove.

"Local people, fishermen, and navigators believe and hold faith in the Princess of the Phranang cave that she will preserve and protect their livelihood and fulfill one's wishes. When their wishes are fulfilled, votive offerings would be made at the shrine. Common gifts are flowers and incense sticks, but usually, the spirits of the Goddess are offered a special gift, the lingam, which is carved from wood. The belief of the lingam and holy womb shall create fertility and prosperity to the whole earth and mankind. Please honor and respect this sacred sight."

6) Railay Beach Viewpoint - Hidden Lagoon

To witness below Railay isthmus, keep up with all hardness at this viewpoint path because it is more climbing than a hiking with 90 degrees vertical climbing. Many people gave up to move forward at the beginning or mid of the way because the only thing you can hold is a rope or the branches of the trees in case you slide on slippery mud.

Tips: You are at your own risk. The mud is quite slippery so better to be barefoot or be prepared to sacrifice an old sneaker because the mud stain is quite stubborn. Do not go with your slippers!

It is not a long climb, less than a kilometer, and worths to sweat for the spectacular view that you can own the whole isthmus view. Balance your breath, give a break, and get ready for the hard part of the trek to reach the hidden lagoon.

Railay Krabi Thailand ViewPoint and Lagoon

The path to the lagoon is muddy and slippery and this time it is descending which makes it harder to keep your balance. However, once you arrive you will be stunned with the view and want to jump like monkeys as they are jumping from branch to another one beside you.

Tips: Check when is the high tide at the lagoon. It was quite disappointing for us to realize it was low tide and made it hard to rejoice it.

7) Swim with Bioluminescent Planktons

Shine Bright like a Blue Diamond!
Bioluminescent plankton krabi Thailand
Image by Viator

Kayaking, hiking, hot springs, or many other activities can be done in many places in Thailand but glowing with bioluminescent planktons. After the sunset at Railay Beach, paddle with your kayak to bioluminescent plankton spot with the guidance of local operators. These little sparkling buddies are lighting up the night only under the right conditions.

Tips: They say the best time to glow with them is from November to May and they follow moon phases. Unfortunately, we missed that glamorous experience.

8) 4 Islands Tour - Snorkeling

What about extending your horizon towards the Andaman islands and experiencing new stuff like walking the middle of the ocean or swimming beside a huge chicken head. Start this tour early morning till noon and snorkel to see reef creatures.

The tour includes 4 islands as its name states:

  • Phra Nang Beach which you just read above is the first stop of the tour.

  • Tub Island Low tide allows you to walk between two separate islands with a sandy causeway.

  • Chicken Island: The shape reminiscent of a chicken head gives the name of the island.

  • Poda Island The best spot for snorkeling and lunch break. A jewel of Andaman with its unique outcropping.

9) Daily Tour Phi Phi or Koh Lanta

There are direct ferries from Ao Nang Beach to Phi Phi and Koh Lanta. Since the famous movie "The Beach" with Leonardo di Caprio was shot in Koh Phi Phi, it became a famous spot and attract big flocks of tourists. Phi Phi can be visited with an early morning daily tour which takes 45 minutes from Krabi to reach. The contrary to Phi Phi, Koh Lanta is less visited and more peaceful which takes 2 hours to reach from Krabi.

10) Krabi Night Market

Krabi has its own night market like many cities in Thailand. Same same but different, this one is open only from Friday to Sunday. If you have been any night market in Thailand before, the concept is the same. Pick your Thai delicacies from the food stalls and do not forget to purchase souvenirs before leaving Krabi!

Last Note

The tourism and life is just getting back to normal after the hard times that we all have been through globally. Thus, bear in mind that opening hours of the attractions may vary. If you would like to know more about the hotels and transportation options, shoot your questions in here(:

Be safe and happy!

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